18th and 21st Birthday Parties - DJ's That Mix Your Music Selection - Party Themes - Perth, Western Australia.

18th and 21st

If you're about to have your 18th or 21st you have come to the right place.

All our DJ’s have nightclub experience, our DJ’s will beat mix, scratch and loop all the latest and greatest tunes at your party. Our extensive online music list features all the favourites from to early 60’s to the current top 40, with our login system you and your guest can create a music list tailor made for your party.

You can be assured that our vast array of music will cater your needs, we have DJ’s who specialise in genres such as DnB, Breaks, Dub step, Electro & Hip-hop for those who want to add a twist to their big night.

Our spectacular array of intelligent lighting can ‘bring the nightclub to you.

We have many optional upgrades such as laser shows, bubble machines, dry ice machines, strobe lights and UV lighting, to help make sure your party is the ‘talk of the town’ for ages!

We also supply projectors and screens plus a huge array of props and staging for that extra special event.

Ask us about our package upgrades.

Tips & Tricks

Our extensive experience over the years has exposed us to some great tips and tricks, so here are a few ideas to make sure your event is one everyone will remember:


Your party becomes more enticing to guests if you have a theme involved. Here are some we have seen before.

  • Black and white (but you come in red)
  • 1920’s theme
  • Pimps and Prostitutes
  • UV night (Everone wears white) we supply UV lighting
  • Gender bender/ transvestite  (guys come in dresses and girls in suits)
  • Super heros
  • Rubick's cube (everyone comes in daggy op-shop clothes and match colour by the end of the night)
  • Tag night (everyone comes in white clothes and each get a marker to write on each other with)
  • Ball
  • Specific colour party
  • Letter party (e.g if your name is Sarah, guest must come dressed as something starting with S
  • Fancy dress
  • Hollywood


  • You can create custom invites and tickets at http://www.ticketprinting.com/
  • Invites with magnets are less likely to be misplaced, you can purchase magnetic strips from any craft store
  • Inform guests that Degraaf Entertainment DJs will be playing and that they can request songs on our site
  • To avoid gatecrashers. Don't list your address on facebook/myspace. If you do make sure it is a ‘closed’ event.

During The Party:

  • Make sure you have plenty of bins to take your rubbish.
  • Set up a designated smoking area and put out a few jars half full of sand for ash trays
  • For a men’s toilet, consider a trough down the side of the house.
  • Keep speeches short, anything over 30min makes guests restless
  • Guests will eat more food if its brought around by waiting staff, pizzas stacked on tables often get left untouched
  • Hide valuable items, phones and cameras are common items that go missing.

After The Party:

  • You can book a bus through us to take 28 of your guest's to your preferred nightclub for $280 one way or $440 return, just ask when you book.
  • Wet the front lawn. Keep guests from hanging out the front of your house after the party by turning sprinklers on 30 min prior to exit.