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Pubs and Clubs

For over 15 years now, Degraaf Entertainment has supplied DJ’s to many popular pubs and clubs across Perth. We provide the musical performance and reliability that both help managers and owners maximise their cashflow and also ensure that their patrons have a night to remember.

Our Venue DJs are our elite. With multiple weddings, functions and parties behind them they have fine tuned their mixing skills and can cater for any age, mood and genre.

We understand the need for our DJs to play their part in ensuring the right flow of energy throughout a night (and, of course maximise drink sales, that’s why we provide detailed music surveys to help identify the favourites. This also allows us to rotate DJs, keeping venue fresh whilst still conforming to a successful play list.

We have and still do service many popular Perth pubs & clubs including: The Newport Hotel, Grand Blvd Tavern, The Left Bank, Whale & Ale, Claremont Hotel, Club Bay View, Ocean Beach Hotel, Mullaloo Beach Hotel, Bar 120, Vick Park hotel, The Library Bar One, Basement on Broadway and The Vic.

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